When to shop for Communion dresses

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  • When To Buy a Communion Dress?
  • When buying a communion dress, shop early - start in January. All stores and online retailers bring in their communion dresses during the first month of the year. Of course, the special occasion may not be until April or May.
  • Yet you need to get a head start if you want to find the perfect dress and enjoy a stress-free shopping experience. There are many reasons why you should shop early when looking for a First Communion dress.
  • 8 Reasons to Buy Early
  • 1. Find The Perfect Dress You want to find the perfect dress and the earlier you shop, the better the choice. There will be countless styles available early in the season. The choice becomes more limited as it gets later into the season. Usually, manufacturers make only one cut of these dresses. Once the dresses sell out, the styles won't be available until next season.
  • 2. Keep Within Your Budget The more inexpensive communion dresses sell out quickly in the season. If you are limited to a budget, early shopping will give you a greater choice. The large department stores carry several inexpensive styles. Also, online retailers offer a variety of styles to fit any budget. Online shopping comes with the added convenience of choosing a style in the comfort of your own home
  • 3. Give Yourself Time Some bridal salons sell communion dresses but they require time to order in the dresses. Online shopping is a fast and convenient option. Yet it is still advisable to place orders at least four weeks before First Communion. Even if shopping at specialty or department stores, you should buy a month in advance of the occasion. Early shopping allows ample time for any necessary alterations.
  • 4. Give The Special Girl A Little Time If a child has time to get familiar with the dress, then she will be more comfortable wearing it. Give her a little time to get the feel of the dress. She will start to get very excited about feeling like a little princess!
  • 5. Be Certain The Dress Meets Your Needs Communion dresses shouldn't fit too snugly or be too long to be unsafe for a child. Buying early means sufficient time to make adjustments. Some children may be allergic to or at least feel uncomfortable with certain fabrics. If a child complains about feeling itchy after trying the dress twice, then maybe you should reconsider your choice. Early shopping gives you time to address any concerns
  • 6. Choose The Right Accessories You shouldn't go overboard when buying accessories; simple is best. Maybe that lovely necklace will be just the perfect touch. Yet accessories are often a requirement. Some parishes require a veil headpiece; some will insist on a bolero or jacket with a sleeveless dress. When you buy early, you have time to explore the endless possibilities - even the several shades of white. Any accessories must match the shade of white in the dress. See the many shades of white - "White Is White, Right?"
  • 7. Avoid The Stress Who wants the hassle of a last minute rush when preparing for such a momentous occasion! The special girl and her family will want to enjoy the moment. Early preparations can pay off with a relaxed mood and endless enjoyment on the big day.
  • 8. Get The Picture You get the picture by now, right, shop early for a communion dress! Many families even set up photographer appointments prior to the special day. Special photos can't be spoiled by nasty stains if you think ahead. Sometimes families opt for professional portraits. Photographers can do portraits from high quality photos, thus avoiding those long sittings.
  • You need to act early, however, if you want the portrait in time for First Communion.

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